Chumba Banking: GC Purchases and SC Redemptions

Chumba Banking: GC Purchases and SC Redemptions

Chumba is a social casino. As such, players do not have to spend money to play casino games there. The feature is provided optionally through the following payment methods:

  • Online Bank Transfers
  • Debit and Credit Cards
  • Prepaid Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard

Sweeps coins can also be redeemed as gift cards if you have a minimum of 10 SC. To learn more about how Chumba payments work, including their processing times, fees, and requirements, continue below.

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How Chumba Payments Work

Chumba is a sweepstakes casino. How sweepstakes casinos work is you buy gold coins to receive free sweeps coins. Gold coins hold no value outside of the social casino, and you can either buy them to get the free SC or use them to play games at Chumba for fun.

Sweep coins are the premium virtual currency at Chumba. They can be acquired through bonuses based on activity or as a freebie when you purchase GC for real money. You can use these coins to play games, and anything you win becomes cashable. Every sweep coin is valued at $1 at the redemption stage.

If you are wondering why Chumba uses virtual currency instead of real money, it’s simple. This model ensures Chumba is not treated as a real money casino, making it legal in pretty much all states in the US. Only players in Michigan, Idaho, and Washington cannot play here. Of course, you must also be 18+ to sign up.

If the above sounds complicated, here is a quick breakdown of the model Chumba uses:

Gold Coins (GC) – play for fun currency you can buy for money.

Sweeps Coins (SC) – the premium currency you can receive by making GC purchases or through bonuses.

  • SCs can be redeemed for cash at a 1SC: $1 rate, after using them at least 1x on the games.

Players familiar with online casinos might wonder what the words purchases and redemptions mean in this context. You can think of them as deposits and withdrawals – social casinos just work around these terms to be classed as sweepstakes instead of gambling sites. This approach is completely legit, so check how you can make payments at Chumba below if you want to start with a considerable sum of coins.

Chumba Banking Methods

Payment OptionsPurchasesRedemptionsWithdrawal SpeedFees
Online Banking (Chase, BOA, Wells Fargo)2 – 7 business daysFree
American Express/Free
SkrillUp to 48 hoursFree
Chumba prepaid cardUp to 48 hoursFree
Gift Card Up to 48 hoursFree

The above methods are supported at Chumba. You can use any except gift cards to purchase gold coin packages, while you can redeem your sweeps coins through bank transfers, Skrill, the Chumba branded card, or gift cards. The latter is ideal for low redemptions, starting at $10, while cash payouts begin at $100.

On the other hand, purchases at Chumba start at $1, which is an excellent amount for budget-conscious players. The upper limit per purchase is $300.

Although you can use whichever method you prefer for purchases, withdrawals must be completed in the same banking option you used to buy gold coins – except in the case of cards.

Here is an overview of each:

  • Online Banking – this option is the easiest if your bank supports payments to online casinos. It is extremely secure and widely available, however, payments can take a while to be completed.
  • Debit or Credit Cards – with the most notable bank cards supported at Chumba, there is no better alternative for buying coins than these. You simply provide your card info and CVV and the virtual currency will be purchased instantly.
  • Chumba Card – the branded card can be ordered through the Chumba cashier, and it can take a few days to reach you. Players can activate the card by visiting the attached link and entering the code on the back of the card. Chumba will get back to you with a PIN code, and from there you can use the branded prepaid card to make fast purchases and redemptions at the social casino. The great news is that you can also use it for ATM withdrawals and at any retailer accepting Mastercards.
  • Skrill – eWallets come with high fees, yet players prefer them because they allow them to keep their gambling activities private from their banks. Skrill is also an excellent option for players who want their purchases and redemptions to be processed without unnecessary delays.
  • Paysafecard – this method is not convenient. Most Chumba players who opt-in for Paysafecard purchases do so to maintain a budget and not go overboard with their spending.
  • Gift Cards – Chumba redemptions typically begin at 100 SC ($100). That’s not the case with gift cards, which support payouts from as low as 10 SC. If you are struggling to land enough wins to reach the minimum cash payout, there is no better alternative to the Chumba gift card option.

Purchasing Gold Coins

Adding virtual currency to your Chumba account is as easy as pie. The first step is setting up your social casino account if you haven’t already – just make sure you meet the eligibility criteria first.

From there, you can tap on the ‘buy’ button to view the available gold coin packages and the free SCs included in each. You should never buy gold coins if the respective package doesn’t include at least the equivalent amount you are spending in free SC. These are the supported packages at Chumba:

Chumba GC PackagesGold CoinsSweeps Coins

After you select one of the packages, you must choose your preferred payment method, enter the requested details, and finalize the payment. The virtual currency will instantly appear in your account, and you can hit the lobby to start playing. The toggle at the top will allow you to switch between GC and SC seamlessly.

Chumba doesn’t place any limits on purchases; you can buy any package multiple times, and in certain cases, you might even get a discount. Just remember that virtual coins expire after 60 days if you fail to log into your account.

First Purchase Bonus

Although Chumba ensures no purchase is necessary to play through various bonuses, players who proceed with their first purchase of gold coins are in for a treat.

When you buy the $10 package for the first time, you will receive 10,000,000 GC and 30 SC! That’s 3x the standard value, so don’t select any other option during your first Chumba purchase.

Redeeming Sweeps Coins

Players who have played their virtual coins at Chumba can also redeem SCs for real money. The process is simple, but you must first verify your account. Chumba enforces a standard KYC process to verify your account information. This is done through the following documents:

  • Selfie
  • ID such as Driver’s License or Passport
  • A recent utility bill to prove your home address
  • A bank statement or screenshot of your Skrill account to prove you own the banking method

The Chumba support team might take up to 72 hours to process your documents and verify your account. Next, you can visit the ‘redeem’ area, select one of the supported payment options, and click to withdraw. Any sweeps coins you haven’t won through gameplay won’t be available for redemption.

The minimum limit is 10 SC for gift cards and 100 SC for cash. You can withdraw up to 5,000 SC per transaction. Chumba won’t impose any fees, but they can take up to 48 hours to internally process the request, and additional withdrawal times will depend on the banking method you used. Some players have reported delays of up to 10 days for cash withdrawals, which is on the slow side compared to other sweeps casinos.

Tips to Manage Your Spending

I cannot stress enough that spending a lot of money to play at Chumba doesn’t make sense. The sweepstakes casino ensures your balance stays afloat by adding daily bonuses, sharing prizes through social contests, and even boosting your account balance when you mail them a letter.

Ultimately, buying gold coins to play with more free SC is entirely up to you. To be on the safe side, I recommend utilizing the responsible gambling tools provided on the site. This way you can set a maximum amount of cash you are allowed to spend for a selected period, and also manage how long you can play per session/day/week/month.

Although this might seem trivial, we’ve seen many people losing control and spending more than what they intended. Better safe than sorry!

Problems with Chumba Purchases or Redemptions? Here is the Fix!

We always strive to provide as much information as possible on how to play at sweepstake casinos but problems will inevitably arise. Your bank might not let you add money at Chumba or maybe the social casino’s cashier is not working properly.

For such setbacks, or to find guidance on anything payment-related, you should reach out to the Chumba support team. They have a handy FAQ section you can initially check for quick troubleshooting tips, while you can also email them at for further or more technical assistance.

If nothing works, simply reach out to us and we will do our best to help you.